‘Teach a boy and you help a man, teach a girl and you help a generation.”
We believe that having girls in our Academies is the ultimate objective! Caring for girls in 3rd world countries however comes with its own set of challenges and a much higher form of responsibility (mostly pertaining to security). It is for these reasons that we must wait to become a little bit more operationally mature prior to bringing in girls. 2020 will bring a strong focus on this objective.

Having to choose amongst children in need is a very difficult task. However, since we aim to cultivate community ‘leaders’ who will support their communities in the future, we must choose our students carefully. The selection is based on 3 criteria: At lease the father must be deceased, the student must be in financial hardship and he must be academically inclined.

We try to select countries where there is the greatest need. We must however place a strong consideration on the safety of our staff. Many of our teachers fly in from abroad and are not necessarily attune to the local cities of third world countries. We keep this consideration top of mind when we select our countries and specifically our cities.

No it does not. We are not a ‘religion based’ entity. Our approach is based solely on need. An orphan in need is an orphan in need – irrespective of their race, religion or ethnicity. An ancillary objective of the Academy is to help breakdown the barriers that divide us as human beings.

A big fat ZERO!!! We are very proud to maintain this promise to our donors. We do have admin costs, but we cover it internally – ie. These costs are not deducted from you donation. 100% of your donation goes towards the children.

Yes. We are a California based 501C3 non-profit organization.

Absolutely. We will send you a booklet that provides all the info on your sponsored child along with periodic updates shortly thereafter.

With your help, our goal is to open at least one Academy in every continent of the world. We believe that the ‘orphan’ problem is an international one and should be tackled as such.