We don't simply feed and clothe orphan children. We create LEADERS.

Our Academy Model

This short video provides an overview of our model and how we are helping change the future of our precious, orphan children.


World Class Academics

We do not settle for mediocre. We provide our children with the best teachers from all over the world delivering top notch educational experiences.



Technology is the future. By using it as a fundamental learning tool we set our students up for incredible academic and professional success.


Martial Arts

We leverage martial arts to instill discipline, self control and endurance. The biggest benefit however is its ability to motivate the students to have them keep coming back to school.

Character Building

Character Building

We develop moral character through structured daily lessons, group discussions and historical role models. We develop philanthropists.

Our Story

Instilling independence in orphan children, one continent at a time

Based in the US, we are a community of volunteers, philanthropists, and donors. Not satisfied with the typical ‘feed and clothe them’ orphanage model, in 2016 we set out to do something DIFFERENT – something incredibly impactful.
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Help Change a Life

Give a child the gift of education that will enable them to independently help their communities.

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