The goal of the Academy is to ‘enable’ the students to become prosperous bread-winners, community leaders and role models. Rather then remain dependent on society, our graduates will become the future ‘donors’ and supporters of their respective communities.
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American Based English

Without English they can not access information from the Internet. We send teachers from abroad (US, Europe) to go teach at our Academies! 


Knowing how to use tablets, ipads and conduct online research comes as second nature to children abroad. Students in 3rd world countries however are often not exposed to these privileges. Exposing Academy students to a variety of technological tools is a first step. The goal is to ensure proficiency to match levels equivalent to those of the 1st world.

Character Building

Having the tools needed to ensure a prosperous living serves little purpose without having the appropriate knowledge of morals and ethics. We dedicate an entire class to this very important subject.

In this class students learn about historical figures who served as role models for their societies. A special focus is dedicated to teaching the importance of ‘giving back’, a sense of communal responsibility, respect for the elderly as well as kindness to fellow humans in general.

Martial Arts

We all know that physical exercise is important to a child’s development. Why not use the ancient art of Tae Kwon Do to achieve this goal? Students are not only taught skills needed for self defense but are given a fully equipped martial arts studio to channel their bundled energy in a healthy, controlled environment. Special focus is dedicated to discipline and self-control.